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Ox Consulting services all industries. We look forward to providing you quality and dependable services to help your business be a leader in your industry.

Feasibility Studies & Site Due Diligence

  • Proformas

  • Tax incentive procurment assistance

  • Investigate capital and lending options

  • Procure design consultants as necessary

  • Review and discuss site infrastructure requirements (Utilities, Trees, Geotechnical/Soils Reports, Water shed/treatment, Zoning, Platting, TCEQ, EEA)


Design & Pre-Construction Management

  • RFP Prep/Solicit/Selection for Design Consultants, Contractors, etc.

  • Manage or coordinate with Design Consultants

  • Contract form review and feedback

  • Risk and Risk Mitigation Analysis

  • Constructability reviews and feedback at all stages (Quality & Best Value)

  • Prepare high-level project budgets

  • Review and provide feedback on consultant and/or contractor budgets, estimates, bids

  • Provide early, high-level project schedules. Review consultant and/or contractor schedules

  • Organize, manage and execute Value Management/Analysis Process

  • Provide Construction Administration for Architectural & Engineering firms

  • Manage and expedite project permit process

Project & Program Management

  • Review and provide feedback on the complete bid and buyout process

  • Review and provide feedback on design and/or construction change orders

  • Review and provide feedback on design and/or construction monthly Progress Billings and Payments

  • Review and provide feedback of overall project budget

  • Manage project closeout to occupancy and warranty process

  • Conduct site visits and provide site visit reports


Training & Mentorship

  • Provide training on a variety of commercial construction related tasks (Example: Contract Review, Soft Skills, Risk Analysis, Scheduling, Site Logistics, Submittal Review, Drawing Review/Updating, Budget Setup/Management, Financial Forecasting). Training can be provided in-person or virtually at desired intervals.

  • Mentoring: Initial meeting to confirm fit; Provide and manage agendas for meetings; Conduct place of business visits; Review of internal process & procedures, Provide recommendations for p&p improvements, Review personnel status, roles, abilities; Assist with personnel acquisition

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